Synthetic cladding profiles for facades, roof overhangs, or as infill panels

dekodeck is an assortment of colorfast, synthetic profiles for house facades, roof and eaves cladding, infill panels for wind and privacy screen elements, as well as for carports.

Due to the individual surface design with finishes in a wide variety of patterns, the synthetic facade adapts perfectly to the character of your property. With dekodeck you can fulfill your individual wishes in regard to design. In addition, they are easy to clean, never have to be painted again, and are extremely durable and colorfast.

Discover the systems  dekotop, dekotrim, dekofront, dekoboard, as well as privacy screen and palisade systems.

Profiles with and without grooves for roof boarding

A classic or a modern, elegant look is possible for all installation areas thanks to the dekotop profiles for roof and wall cladding. Thanks to the individual surface design, the cladding profiles for the roof cladding adapt perfectly to the character of your property.

  • never paint again

  • very easy to clean

  • extremely weather-resistant

  • exactly matched to window colors

  • 10-year guarantee on UV and light stability

Many different installation patterns are available for the dekotrim synthetic facade.

The high quality dekotrim facade profiles made out of synthetic material are are ideally suited for elegant facades in visually appealing designs.

  • dekotrim 95 stands for a modern installation pattern in a rhombus look. (Rhombus with black shadow gap)

  • dekotrim 150 stands for a classic tongue and groove look and is suitable for both elegant, classic facades as well as modern styles. (Groove width 10 mm)

  • dekotrim 170 Clapboard look in top form

  • dekotrim 195 XXL Rhombus look

  • dekotrim 200 modern, distinctive alignment. (Tongue and groove look)

  • dekotrim 250 stands for a modern and simple, elegant look for larger installation surfaces in the style of a metal facade. (Homologous surface)

Small differences to common privacy screen elements

Our small differences and advantages of the wind protection privacy screen elements have a big impact

  • 18 standard, in-stock décors can be combined as desired for posts, frames, and infill areas

  • easy to assemble connection system without visible screw connections

  • 2 color design options for infill areas

  • visual similarity through decorative film-coated accessories

  • enormous profile stability due to outer wall thickness of up to 2 mm